What Exactly is WHOIS?

An online tool called WHOIS is used to research details about a domain name. "WHOIS" is underlined, but it's not an abbreviation. It stands for "Who is accountable for this domain name?" instead.

Through organizations referred to as providers, domain names are purchased. Examples include MarkMonitor, Namecheap, GoDaddy, and Tucows. These businesses can acquire new domain names because they have received ICANN approval and accreditation. The registrant is obliged to make the registration details public whenever a person or business creates a new domain name. Using the WHOIS tool, this information can be searched up online.

Because there is no centralized directory for name register data, WHOIS search tools examine information from various providers. Although many registrants offer their own WHOIS search services, there are also a number of third party WHOIS websites. Additionally, ICANN offers a WHOIS search tool of its own.

What is a WHOIS record?

Although WHOIS data differ between registrants, all of them must contain the same information. This contains the domain name's expiry date, the registrar's name, and the dates it was made, changed, and registered. Additionally mentioned are the domain servers. The registrar, manager, and expert contacts are all listed. Name, company (if relevant), location, phone number, and email address are among the details supplied during enrollment. Even though each contact may have distinct information, the information is frequently repeated across all three contacts.

Through the use of a "private register" service provided by some registrants, the contact information in a WHOIS entry can be kept private. With the help of non-personally traceable data, this service, which might come at an extra cost, hides the registrant's contact information. The company and email address that appear in a WHOIS inquiry for a name that has domain privacy enabled may be "Whois Privacy Services" and "[email protected]," respectively.

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