What is A Molex Connector?

A typical form of connection for powering interior computer components is the Molex connector. The two-piece electrical connections that are now common in computers and other devices got their moniker from the Molex Connector Corporation, which invented them.

There isn't a singular connection that is officially referred to as a "Molex connector" because Molex manufactures hundreds of various connectors. The Molex 4-pin 8981 power connection, which powers hard disks, DVD drives, and other storage devices, has, however, come to be known simply as "Molex connector" or something similar. It has a white plastic connection with four terminals that are red, black, yellow, and black in hue. A secure link is made when the plug fits into a socket connected to the power source. For many years, desktop computers used the 8981 connection as the default power port due to its straightforward and affordable construction.

While many Computers still use the Molex 8981 connection, more recent storage devices like SSDs and SATA disks frequently use different kinds of interfaces. However, many electrical gadgets still use other Molex family items. These connections have private titles rather than being referred to as "Molex connectors" generally. Examples include the "Mini-Fit Jr." computer connection and the "PanelMate" interconnect used for charging flat panel screens.

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