What is Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA)?

A form of disk drive known as ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) incorporates the drive driver right onto the drive. Without a particular driver to handle the disk, computers can use ATA hard drives. There is no requirement for a distinct card (like a SCSI card for a SCSI hard disk), but the hardware must still handle an ATA link. ATA-1, ATA-2 (also known as Rapid ATA), ATA-3, Ultra ATA (33 MBps highest transmission rate), ATA/66 (66 MBps), and ATA/100 are a few examples of the various ATA specifications (100 MBps).

ATA disks are also referred to as "Integrated Drive Electronics," or IDE. ATA devices are occasionally branded as "IDE/ATA" (to further confuse consumers purchasing hard drives). Strictly speaking, ATA makes use of IDE technology, but what's crucial to understand is that they both pertain to the same thing.

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