What is DisplayPort?

The Video Electronics Standards Organization has established DisplayPort as the industry standard for digital video and audio interfaces used to link PCs and displays (VESA). The DisplayPort connection and its tiny counterpart, the Mini DisplayPort, are both defined by the standard. The prior digital link standard, DVI, was superseded by DisplayPort.

In comparison to earlier monitor interfaces, DisplayPort is a completely digital interface that transmits video, audio, and data impulses as data streams, making it more like Ethernet or USB. The connection between a computer and a display with built-in audio and USB connections can be made using just one wire. A single DisplayPort 2.0 link can send a compressed video stream to two 8K (7680 x 4320) screens at 120 Hz or a 16K (15360 x 8640) display at 60 Hz thanks to updates to the DisplayPort standard.

Additionally included in the Thunderbolt communication specification is HDMI. The DP signal, PCIe interface, and power link were all incorporated into the first two generations of Thunderbolt through a Mini DisplayPort port; the third and fourth versions of Thunderbolt devices transmit those signals through a USB-C socket.


On computer graphics devices, DP and HDMI connectors are frequently encountered together because of their comparable powers. HDMI is also intended for A/V devices like TVs, radio speakers, and Blu-ray players while DP is only intended for PCs. Despite the fact that DisplayPort also sends USB data, both can communicate video and music over a single connection. There have been several upgrades to DisplayPort and HDMI, increasing their rates and powers. Any DisplayPort connection will handle the most current standard, but an upgraded HDMI device requires an HDMI cable from the same version.

Higher images and frame rates are supported by DisplayPort than by HDMI, but these variations are only significant on expensive screens. Many displays don't come with DP connections because HDMI is typically sufficient.

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