What is eSIM?

The term "embedded SIM" (eSIM) refers to a SIM chip or "UICC" that is integrated into a mobile device. Although it is not detachable, it offers the same capability as a SIM card.

What is a SIM?

A gadget on a cellular network is identified by a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), which is a special identifier. The mobile carrier associates the SIM number with your account when you enable a smartphone, tablet, or other device on a cellular network. The telecom provider also connects the SIM to your mobile phone number when starting a smartphone.

eSIM vs SIM Card

An eSIM is built into a device's circuitry, as opposed to SIM cards, which can be removed and transferred between different devices. eSIMs are editable and can be changed to function with various cellular carriers because they cannot be deleted. They can simultaneously hold multiple Phone numbers.

eSIMs have the following benefits over conventional SIM cards:

  • Improved security - Your SIM card cannot be used by someone else if your phone is taken or misplaced.
  • Smaller form factor - Even the tiniest nano-SIM devices take up less room than a third of an eSIM.
  • Support for multiple SIMs - One gadget can be used simultaneously with numerous wireless carriers thanks to an eSIM. Typical applications include keeping personal and professional conversations separate and using local cellphone plans while abroad.
  • Electronically programmable - When switching to a new cellular carrier, there is no need to visit a real shop or wait for a new SIM card to arrive in the mail. The eSIM number can be added online.

Around 2018, the first devices with eSIMs went on sale. eSIM devices are now present in many common versions. Many eSIM products also have a real SIM card reader because integrated SIMs can only be used with cell service companies that accept eSIM technology.

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