What is Gateway?

Hardware that serves as a "gateway" between two networks is known as a gateway. It could be a gateway, firewall, server, or another gadget that allows network data to come into and go out of it.

A gateway serves as both a component and a guardian for the other nodes in the network. Since all data must pass through the gateway component before entering or leaving the network, it is regarded as being on the "fringe" of the network. Additionally, it might convert data from external networks into a file or algorithm that the interior network's devices can understand.

One typical style of gateway found in residential networks is the router. It enables local network devices to transmit and receive data over the Internet. A firewall is a more sophisticated type of router that screens incoming and outgoing information, preventing data from arriving from illegal or suspect sources. Another kind of intermediary that filters data between two networks by utilizing both hardware and software is a proxy server. For instance, a proxy server might restrict entry to a list of approved websites to local machines only.

A 1985 American startup that makes computer gear goes by the moniker of Gateway. Although Acer bought the business in 2007, laptops are still sold under the Gateway brand.

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