What is HiDPI?

A monitor with a high pixel density, or DPI, is referred to as hiDPI. Compared to a normal DPI monitor, a HiDPI screen can show writing that is crisper and pictures that are more detailed.

Although there isn't a set DPI requirement for a HiDPI display, most HiDPI monitors have a DPI of at least 200. For expanding raster pictures, HiDPI displays are the best choice because they typically have twice the density of a similar "regular DPI" display. For instance, a standard 27 "A display with a size of 2560x1440 pixels is possible (109 DPI). A 27 HiDPI "Depending on the display, the resolution could be 5120x2880, doubling the pixel density (218 DPI).

Resolution and screen dimensions are both taken into account when determining hiDPI. For instance, a tiny smartphone screen with a 1920x1080 HD resolution might be regarded as HiDPI, but a 24" monitor with the same resolution is not. Smartphone displays cannot be called HiDPI because computer panels and laptop screens must have a much greater density.

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