What is ICCID?

IC Card Identity is the abbreviation for this word. A SIM card used in a mobile phone or other wireless device is given a distinctive identifier called an ICCID. It offers a uniform method of identifying every mobile gadget utilizing a cellular network.

ICCID Format

A preamble, ID number, and check code are among the various parts of numbers that make up an ICCID, which is made up of 19 or 20 characters and is determined using a hash. The heading contains the following data and is 6 or 7 numbers long:

  • Major industry identifier (MMI) - the first two digits — always 89 for SIM cards
  • Country code (CC) - one to three digits — represents USA, England, Japan, etc.
  • Issuer Identifier Number (IIN) - two to three digits — represents Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.


For mobile devices, there are two distinct IDs: ICCID and IMEI (International Mobile Device Identifier). The ICCID is associated with a detachable SIM card, while the IMEI is affixed to the hardware. A smartphone will always have the same IMEI, but if the SIM card is changed, the ICCID will change.

Instead of using the IMEI, cellular service companies enable devices using their ICCID. Since every cell account is associated with an ICCID, switching out the SIM card will allow you to use the same device on different networks.

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