What is Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

IRC is a program that enables internet communication between users. Individuals link to an IRC server using a client software in a client/server configuration. IRC applications that are widely used include Textual for OS X and mIRC for Windows. There are also a number of web-based applications, such as KiwiIRC and Mibbit.

You need to pick a channel and a nickname before you can enter an IRC discussion. You can choose whatever you want for your nickname, also known as a moniker. Spaces are not permitted, only characters and digits. In an IRC network, a channel is a designated conversation room where users can communicate with one another. While some networks allow you to join them by directly entering channel names, others post catalogues of open channels. The name of the channel is always preceded by a hashtag, such as "#teenchat," "#politics," or "#sports," before the name of the channel's intended chat subject. While some IRC forums require a login, others are accessible to everyone.

The conversation box will start showing texts that people are composing as soon as you join a group. By entering your own comments, you can participate in the discussion. Although channel participants are free to write whatever they want, famous channels are frequently monitored. That implies that users who post objectionable comments or repeatedly flood the channel with messages may be kicked out and even banned by human administrators or automatic algorithms.

Although IRC was intended to be a public conversation service, it also allows other functions like file exchanges and confidential communications. For instance, you can ask another person to have a secret conversation session using an IRC instruction (which usually starts with a forward character "/"). The person can then be sent a file from your local machine using another Chat query.

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