What is Martech?

The terms "marketing" and "technology," or "martech," are combined. A broad variety of technologies are covered that are used in internet marketing. While it focuses more on marketing services than digital advertisements, martech is similar to adtech (advertising technology).

Examples of martech include..

  • Social media marketing technologies
  • User analytics
  • Email marketing systems
  • Online tracking tools
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software

Marketing teams may contact specific audiences with the use of martech technologies like CRM SaaS apps and email delivery providers. With the use of martech, it is possible to send emails solely to people who are most interested in receiving them, as opposed to mass-emailing (or spamming) subscribers. The program is often a component of a CRM suite, which businesses employ to keep track of a database of current clients and new prospects. Sophisticated algorithms provide values to database users, such as probability to buy, enabling businesses to make smart marketing choices.

Companies may follow user activity across websites and devices thanks to cross-site and cross-platform tracking. Cross-platform monitoring, for instance, enables a business to provide tailored suggestions on your laptop after you browse an e-commerce website on your smartphone. Ever ponder how you may get an email about an item you abandoned in your internet purchasing cart? For that, you may thank Martech.

Online marketing services must adhere to regulations governing data collection and use, such as GDPR, since martech often records user behavior. Companies that gather and maintain data often make their privacy policies public and describe how they utilize the data.

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