What is Monitor Bezel?

A "bezel" is a crevice that keeps a diamond or watch crystal in position. The word "bezel" originates from the jeweler business. The ring around instruments, like the tachometer in a vehicle, is also referred to by this phrase. In the computer business, a bezel can refer to either the front of a desktop computer chassis or the border surrounding a display.

The region of a display that encircles the screen is known as the monitor bezel or screen bezel. For instance, if a monitor has a one-inch border, one inch of plastic or metal surrounds the screen. The bezel standard will include distinct dimensions for each side if a monitor's bezel breadth varies from the top and bottom of the screen to the sides. Bezel lengths have usually decreased as screens have advanced. In contrast to contemporary LCD screens, which frequently have borders that are less than an inch thick, ancient CRT monitors frequently had frame lengths of two inches or more. Laptop screens can be made larger by having thinner borders, and when numerous desktop displays are arranged side by side, they appear more like a unified screen.

A system unit's or "tower's" front visage is known as a computer bezel. The majority of computer casings have holes for one or more disk ports. You can insert devices like a DVD drive or an extra internal hard disk using these ports. These ports are typically covered by panels that are the same color as the bezel but are not strictly a component of the bezel when additional disks are not mounted.

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