What is Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA)?

In place of (or in addition to) traditional Ethernet cabling, MoCA utilizes the existing coax cable television wiring in a structure as part of a computer network. This offers the advantages of a connected network without requiring the installation of fresh Ethernet connections. Depending on the devices used, MoCA networks are capable of handling rates of up to 2.5 Gbps.

A house with fiber runs to several rooms for cable television but no Ethernet is a typical application for a MoCA network. For instance, the Wi-Fi signal might have trouble getting to the apartments on the second floor if the connection and server are in the cellar. Any other room with a coax wall plug can have an Ethernet link for a wireless access point, computer, game system, or other device by setting up a MoCA network over the current coax cabling.

You will require at least two MoCA devices in order to use cable cabling as a MoCA network. Although you can buy specific MoCA converters from a number of makers, some networking devices come with a built-in MoCA adaptor. One MoCA adaptor should first be connected to electricity, an Ethernet wire from your router, and a coax cable from a wall socket. Another converter should be connected to a coax wall socket in a different room, a computer or other device via Ethernet, and electricity. The two adapters will then smoothly span the coax network and the Ethernet computer network (although some MoCA adapters may require some extra software configuration).

Make sure that your private network activity does not seep out to the cable lines for your community if you choose to operate a MoCA network over the coax cabling in your house. The frequencies used for MoCA traffic will be blocked by a Point of Entry (POE) blocker on the fiber cabling entering your home, while cable television and Internet traffic will continue to operate properly.

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