What is Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

A supplementary gadget called an ONT serves as a tangible link between a neighborhood network and a fiber optic Internet connection. An ONT changes a local Ethernet network's electrical signal into an optical signal that can travel over fiber optic lines, much like a cable modem changes a digital signal into one that can travel over coax. When linked to a modem, it offers a reliable high-speed broadband Internet access.

Ports can be found on the rear of an ONT. Due to the delicate nature of the glass inside the cable, an inbound fiber optic line must be fitted by a specialist. Additionally, it has a minimum of one RJ45 Ethernet connection for tying the ONT to a gateway. To enable VoIP service provided by the Provider, some ONTs also come equipped with one or more RJ11 telephone ports.

One of the quickest kinds of Internet links is fiber, which provides normal rates of up to 1 Gbps and up to 2 Gbps in some locations. Fiber Internet rates are equal; if you can receive at 1 Gbps, you can transfer at 1 Gbps, in contrast to cable Internet, which has rapid download speeds but slow upload capabilities. It is also unusual for fiber Providers to limit their clients' daily data usage.

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