What is Pay Per Sale (PPS)?

A web developer who uses PPS receives a fee for each transaction made as a result of using his website. It is an enhanced CPM strategy that is frequently applied in associate marketing.

The PPC strategy is used by the majority of online advertisements, and it pays the website proprietor a tiny sum for each time an image or link is clicked. These advertisements do not ensure purchases or leads, despite the fact that they can drive a lot of visitors to websites. PPS advertisements allow businesses to only pay for views that result in transactions.

The fees must be high enough to make it profitable for web authors to run PPS ads rather than PPC ads because retailers only pay commissions on purchases generated by PPS ads. As a result, high-margin products like software and internet services frequently have fees over 50%. Commissions for physical goods with poor profit margins are frequently under 10%. However, purchases with modest fees can still result in large payouts for authors if they have high average order values (AOVs).

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