What is Plotter Printer?

A plotter is a type of printer made specifically to create vector drawings. Plotters create continuous lines on the paper rather than discrete spots. Because of this, plotters are perfect for producing CAD sketches, engineering plans, and building schematics.

Plotter models come in two major categories: disk and truck. The paper is rotated back and forth on a circular cylinder by drum plotters, also known as roller plotters, while the ink markers travel left and right. Lines can be made in any orientation by merging these two dimensions. The paper is laid out on a sizable horizontal area in flatbed plotters. As it travels across the paper, a moving bar leaves lines in its wake.

Inkjet and laser printers typically produce output sizes that are much smaller than those of disk and flatbed plotters. A normal laser printer, for instance, produces papers that are 8.5 inches broad. Using a disk printer, 44-inch broad papers are possible. The only restriction on the duration of a document produced by a disk printer is the quantity of the paper. Flatbed plotters can only produce documents that fit on the printing surface's length and breadth.

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