What is Plug And Play (PnP)?

A clever term used to characterize gadgets that function with a computer system as soon as they are attached is plug and play, sometimes shortened as PnP. The user is not required to add the device directly or even inform the computer that a new device has been added. Instead, as soon as a new device is attached, the computer instantly detects it, installs any necessary hardware drivers, and starts to work with it.

For instance, a Plug-and-Play mouse connected to your computer's USB interface will start functioning shortly after being inserted in. For a non-plug-and-play device to function, you would need to follow a number of setup and software installation procedures.

Although the term "Plug and Play" is typically used to characterize computer peripherals like laptops and mice, it can also be used to refer to interior components. A video card or hard drive might be a Plug and Play device, in which case the computer will instantly identify it after installation. The only distinction is that exterior devices can typically be installed while the computer is operating, whereas interior components typically require the computer to be switched off when they are installed.

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