What is Qi Charging?

Wireless charging via Qi is a standard for mobile devices like cellphones. Qi charges use magnetic charging to transmit electricity over a brief (15 mm) distance from a charging station to a suitable mobile device without requiring any direct touch between electrical connections. Even with a secure phone cover on, it enables users to power their devices without constantly inserting and removing USB cords.

Inductive charging is used with Qi charging to transmit electricity using flat coiled coils in both the charging mat and the mobile device. The coils in the charging station are first subjected to an electrical current, creating a fluctuating magnetic field. This magnetic field generates an alternating current on the mobile device, which supplies power to charge its battery, when you put it on the charging mat and the two sets of coils are correctly positioned.

There are several different form factors for wireless charging. The majority of phone charging stations are flat mats that a phone can lie on, but you can also find supports that let a phone remain erect and charge while it is in either horizontal or landscape position. In some cases, charging stations are built into workstations, end tables, workplace lights, and other pieces of furnishings.

There are some cons to the ease that wireless charging provides. The phone's coils and the charging mat must be tightly aligned in order for the phone to charge. It's not the best option if you're in a rush because wireless charging also provides power more slowly than putting in a charging cord. Last but not least, wireless charging is less effective than conventional charging because some of the energy pulled is wasted as heat, which over time could endanger the battery life of the phone.

Many Qi charging mats use USB cords to get power from computer ports and charging bricks, but not every outlet or charging brick is able to provide enough power. If your charging device doesn't seem to power your phone, check the specifications.

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