What is Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)?

RFID is a device that uses radio-responsive bands to monitor things, persons, or creatures. An embedded device called an RFID tag has a tiny transmitter on it. They can be used on a variety of items because they are usually tiny enough to not be readily noticed.

RFID bands are frequently used to specifically designate the item to which they are affixed, just like UPC stickers. RFID bands don't need to be physically read with a laser device like UPCs do, though. Instead, by merely putting the device within an RFID radio transmitter's range, they can be captured. This enables rapid scanning of a number of things or quick discovery of a particular object concealed among numerous other items.

There are numerous applications for RFID bands. Several instances include:

Merchandise tags - To stop retail shop thievery, these identifiers are put on goods like apparel, gadgets, and other items. Usually, these identifiers are turned off when a customer checks out. Undeactivated tags will trigger the alert system next to the store's entryway.

Inventory management - RFID bands may be applied to products kept in stores so they can be more readily found.

Airplane luggage - Checked luggage may be fitted with RFID bands to enable simple tracking and localization.

Toll booth passes - Cars and vehicles that have E-ZPass or I-Pass transmitters installed can drive through toll gates without stopping. This makes it possible for vehicles to pay tolls immediately.

Credit cards - Some credit cards have RFIDs integrated into them, allowing you to "wave" them rather than "swipe" them in front of suitable scanners. An RFID-only payment method is an illustration would be the SpeedPass gadget.

Animal tags - RFID bands can be attached to pet harnesses to help find missing animals. Birds and other creatures may also be tagged in order to be tracked for scientific study.

Only a small portion of radio-frequency identification's uses are covered in the summary above. Numerous other uses for RFID devices already exist or may do so in the future.

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