What is Smishing Term?

The words "SMS" and "phishing" are combined to form the phrase "smishing." It is a form of hacking that involves sending false information via text message as opposed to email.

Smishing's objective is to gather people's confidential data. "Smishers" send out bulk texts intended to grab the receivers' attention in order to accomplish this. Visit this website to prevent being charged $5 per day, for example. Other communications might offer a phony inducement, such as "You have won a free gift card. Visit this website to collect your reward." Your confidential information, including your name, location, phone number, and email address, will be requested from you on a fake website if you click on a link in the text message. You might be prompted to input your social security number or bank account details on a smishing website.

As more people use cellphones, smishing has become more prevalent. Many cellphones enable you to access a website in your phone's browser by merely clicking on a link in a text message. Because of this, text texts can be used as effective "bait" to entice unwary users to malicious websites. Therefore, it is best to avoid visiting websites listed in text texts from unidentified sources, just like when you receive junk via email.

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