What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM stands for social media marketing, or marketing carried out on social networking sites. Although the majority of businesses and groups have their own webpages, it can be challenging to contact people who are unfamiliar with the organization. As a result, many businesses have discovered that having a footprint on "Web 2.0" platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is helpful.

Social media marketing offers companies a low-cost method to connect with large audiences of users and build brand awareness. Businesses and groups can gain publicity by simply joining social networking sites, which already have sizable, established online communities. Companies can design their own social media accounts, then by adding people as pals or fans, establish their own groups on these platforms. Many businesses entice customers by regularly updating their social media personal sites and offering exclusive deals.

Although SMM is a potent instrument for online marketing, it is more often used to support existing strategies than to supplant them. It can be challenging to stick out from the competition since almost every company or business joins a social networking website. As a result, the majority of businesses continue to depend on online marketing and SEO to drive visitors to their webpages.

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