What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

VoIP essentially uses the Internet as a phone line. Instead of using conventional telephone connections to transmit the data, Internet Protocol (IP) is used instead. This makes it possible for people to communicate with one another internationally and over great distances without incurring long distance or foreign phone costs.

You require a computer, an Internet link, and VoIP software in order to use VoIP. Additionally, you require a VoIP phone, traditional telephone adaptor, or microphone. You can use a straightforward microphone and speaker configuration with many Communication applications. Others ask for VoIP phones, which resemble standard phone devices but usually link to your computer via USB. You can use normal phones with your PC by using analog telephone converters. Another choice is IP phones, which can remotely or over Internet link immediately to a gateway. These phones don't need a computer because they come with all the VoIP software that is required.

Vonage is the biggest supplier of VoIP services, but there are a number of other businesses that provide comparable services. Programs like Skype and PeerMe enable users to link and communicate with each other for free, whereas Vonage charges a yearly service cost. However, compared to paid services like Vonage, these free options might provide fewer links, sounds of poorer quality, and be less dependable.

  • VoIP is also known as digital phone, IP telephony, and Internet telephone.

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