What is Web Server?

A computer device that serves webpages is known as a web server. It operates web server software, like Apache or Microsoft IIS, that enables Internet access to stored websites. The majority of Internet-connected Web sites use high-speed connections with OC-3 or higher data transfer speeds to link to the Internet. Online servers can handle numerous contacts concurrently without slowing down with a quick Internet link.

As long as it is linked to the Internet and has the necessary tools loaded, any machine can function as a web server. The majority of Web servers, however, are 1U rack-mounted systems, which are flat, condensed processors that can be placed on a server rack. Many server cabinets, each containing numerous computers, are present in most web hosting businesses. This is the method for hosting numerous webpages from a singular place that uses the least amount of room.

Numerous webpages are frequently hosted by web servers. While others may house several hundred, some only host a few. "Shared hosts" are computer servers that deliver webpages to numerous people. The majority of tiny businesses, individuals, and nonprofits use this sort of hosting option for their websites. Dedicated providers are web servers that only house webpages for a single individual or business. These kinds of servers are suitable for busy websites and those that demand specialized server configurations. Since there are fewer sites that could result in server congestion or other problems, dedicated servers are also more dependable than shared hosts.

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