What is XaaS?

Everything as a Service, or XaaS, is a broadened version of software as a service that includes a variety of IT services. There are two standards that all XaaS services must meet: It takes a daily or yearly membership for them, and they are cloud-based.

Examples of XaaS services include:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Software
  • Streaming services
  • Data security
  • Online backup
  • File storage
  • Data analytics

Some XaaS tools have an online interface, while others offer both PC and smartphone applications. For instance, Apple iCloud offers online, macOS, and iOS applications that give users access to the combined services.

Offerings from XaaS cover both individual and business sectors. While SAP and CRM products are mainly targeted at companies, consumer-focused services like Netflix and Spotify are more consumer-focused. Some programs are accessible to both, including Google Documents and Microsoft 365.

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